Sea adventure

Finally I did something a bit more colorful & cheerful. There was supposed to be a boat's deck but it didn't play with me, so I changed it to a beach. I'm not so comfortable with painting water either, but at least I tried.


Machinegun Jane

Machinegun Jane-The Powerful:NYC
Coloring: Heidi Muranen
Line work: Luca Maresca
DeNA Studios Canada Ltd

Last couple of months I've been mostly drawing stuff for others as work. That's been  amazing. This one was first coloring job I did for DeNA Studios Canada. Funnest job ever!

Now it's starting to quiet down, so I've been looking my own stuff. Who knows what's coming next. And of course I've been enjoying the summer, it's finally here!



This was painful to do. Bacground didn't work, so I made it again once, twice...third and on fourth time I changed calm scene into a badass explosion. You can see the other background on my facebook page. I liked the skin so much that I couldn't just throw this one away.


Holy void

Finally the dry season of drawing seems to be passing by. I've been painting quite intensely and new pictures are coming to my mind. I've been sketching a lot and this one jumped out so I had to finish it. While I was drawing one song was playing in my head on repeat Dio- Holy diver, I hate that song. I didn't think it was related in this picture, I thought it was just funny. I never really listened it so I checked it out on youtube and was a bit shocked. I had to read the words because they were exactly what this picture is about. Subconsciousness is a funny thing "Holy Diver. You've been down too long in the midnight sea. Oh what's becoming of me, no"...creepy


The Day When

I've been feeling very weird, because I've had zero desire to draw. that doesn't happen to me...like ever. I've been doing something else and have left Photoshop alone. I tried drawing again and it did mesmerize me like it usually does, so here's what I did.


My hair

I was inspired by Lady Gaga's song called hair. I also tried to relax the way I use brushes.